Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What is the point of this picture?

Clearly that Bronco's receiver Eric Decker is participating in Movember!


The link to the STEAMER's MOVEMBER page is:

Please take a look!

Game action

Holy shit is Joe Quinn open!

Colorado State club team goal

Steamer game action

   Joe Quinn scores!

Dear Abby?

Holy Schnikeys - I remember that guy!

Just cancel the NHL season already!


Nice hands!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Another guy?

Steamer game action!

The break-out - it crushes against no forecheck!

This is what I'm talkin' about!

Hot, and semi-famous, Food Network cook Giada De Laurentiis, and an amusing response on Twitter!


What is "The Poodle" doing? 
Did he hang with Ed and Frank at an 'Award's Ceremony?' 
Somehwere Carmelo Anthony is twitching!

Nice goal!

NHL team cult heroes?

From Bleacher Report - interesting list.  Some really good ones and a couple of WTFs? 

See it here and see if you agree. 

It's a great day...

...any time the Evil Empire loses!

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Matt with the finishing touches on defending the "Lord Steamer Trophy!"

Friday, October 5, 2012

NHL lock-out update!

2012 Golf Tournament

So, the 9th annual golf tournament for the 10 year anniversary of Steamer hockey!

 Stunning to hear, there was drinking!
 The Ladies Tees rules?
 Prison love?
 Round of shots!

Loose club?
 The current and former members or Steamer!
 The original grinder line!

Craig's loose balls!

The Champs with the infamous "Lord Steamer Cup!"

Thursday, October 4, 2012

So I went into this place.....

.....and the hockey pucks and the goals weren't anywhere near each other.  Hey-oh!

But on a serious note, Congrats to Bada-Bing who is get married in just over a week!

If Chub picked the jerseys and equipment!

I'll take "Jugs for $400!"

2012 Golf Tournament Line-up:

The Teams: 


“All But Retired”


He was there in September of 2002 doing his Chevy Chase before the first game – “This is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy….”  He single-handedly brought the body-fat percentage on the Steamer down to 31%.  He is named after a Montreal Canadien, but we still love him - the most decorated golfer in tourney history as the 2007, 2008, and 2009 champ - # 22 and # 91Jacque “The Carpenter” Cocagne.    


He somehow met Shane at some hippy concert and then became the keeper for over a year as Chub was out during his splenectomy (Chub said it was a penile reduction).   He may have hit the best shot in tourney history – a 250 yard 3-iron to within 6 feet – as part of the defending champion 2010 team - # 34 Matt “Boris the Blade” Lee. 


A special returnee and Steamer legend for his You Tube worthy hit:
 He centered the original grinder line (with 25 and 13) and was one of the leading goal scorers when he retired – and is still in 9th place.   His team record of “one more half-beer before I leave the bar” is 15, and considered as untouchable as Wayne Gretzky’s 92-goal season.  The original # 19 – Chris “CQ” Quarton.


This guy was once voted the league fattest player and puts the lummox in “out of his element team captain.”  Luckily for him, ugly goals count in your career totals!  Sadly, he also incorporates the “lumbering left-wing” strategy into his golf game.  Despite that he is a member of the 2008 and 2010 championship golf teams - # 13 – Joe “The Tripod” White.

“Original Members’


This original founder and co-captain is renowned for his ability to turn one shot into several, and I am not talking about Golf.  Never met a ref he didn’t need to classify based on their perceived intelligence.  He has a fondness for old wooden clubs, and La Jolla – 2008 champ - # 9 Adam “K-Pax” Devoe!  - Scratch that - he pussed out!


Another Steamer original and multiple tournament organizer, who handled the sweet polo shirts a few years ago.  He is not afraid to drink out of the cup and raise the nudity level in any locker room – 2006 champ –

# 34 Freddie “Thunder” Ingham.


This guy puts the pork rind in the phrase “3rd line grinder.”  He has more nicknames than a hip-hop mogul and he may ride his bike home after the tourney.  He is also the founder of the legendary “Beef jerky and Fu Manchu Sunday!”  Presenting ‘the’ # 25 – Craig “Natural Goal Scorer / The Howitzer / The Maytag Repair Man” Harrer.


Another first-generation member of the Steam, and multi-tournament organizer.  Luckily for him, ugly girls count in your career totals (hold on, what?).  If he hasn’t offended someone in your family, they have not met him yet!  Referred to as “the ball-washer” – not for golf reasons, but rather his post-shower toweling regimen – a 2005 champion –

# 7 Frank “The artist formerly known as the shot-pimp” Ingham! 

Friends of E5”


She seems like a nice girl, I have no idea how she is affiliated with this event.  Quiet in the post-game, loud off the tees – 2005 Champ – Anna “Don’t call me Francois” Giguere.


His name sounds Irish, and Frank will try to confirm that lineage after the tournament.  ‘They’ imply that he is just here for the beer – Conor “Which way to the red tees?” Ryan.


She had relations with the young Jedi and still married him.  Then she had his child.  She is nothing if not a trooper – Taya “Magic Hands” Skarda.


A former Division II All-American,  soccer player, who is begrudgingly associated with this event.  She is mostly known for crude gestures during the team photo at the Pepsi Center and being asked by Frank “Where were you when I was single? – Kristen “why do 40-year olds keep hitting on me?” Geyer.   

“Team Idiot -- re-vamped”   


The newest Steamer member playing golf.  Even though he is a Red Wings fan – we still love him.  While his high-school defense partner ended up in the NHL, he took the more glorious road to ‘Steamer ringer’ - # 67 – Matt “Lidstrom is my real Dad” Jeffrey!


Another full-term Steamer (?) – he has participated in every charity hockey and golf tournament.  He has been the artist on several jerseys and all the golf t-shirts.  Taken under the wing of the shot-pimp and Obi One-piece Composite, he lived through it - and somehow flourished as a hockey player.  A 2005 champion and the future (is now) captain of the Steamer - # 5 - Eric “the young Jedi” Skarda. 


Another original member – started out as # 37 on the blue line.  After two seasons, and an immense number of penalty minutes, his mental health evaluation required him to move to goalie.  He has been there ever since.  If they gave out trophies for peeing in the cup or driving a cart in the lake, he’d need a new mantle - # 30 – Brian “Chub Rock” Eloe.


Former co-captain of the Steam and Bruise Brothers combined “JV” team at DU.  She has taken more physical abuse (see the video on the blog) on the course than John Daley’s caddy.  She somehow grasps the stupidity and is always a gamer –

# 15 – Laura “Bubbles” Eloe.      

Friday, August 24, 2012

F***ing Morons!

Not again!  Free burger and beers to the first guy who tea-bags Bettman!

Steamer action

Or lack there of.................WTF?

Great moments in Olympic history

   Women's wrestling?  Epic!

Giggy save!

New mask

Pretty cool new mask from former Littleton, CO; then CC Tiger; and now Dallas Stars goaltender Richard Bachman.

Player candid?

Have you seen # 51 after the post-game shower?  Yikes!

Thursday, August 23, 2012